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Litbyte Games Features

Brilliant Performance

Our servers use the latest hardware and have been well optimized to ensure a lag free experience.

Community Powered

Suggestions from the players are taking seriously and help to define the direction our network moves in.


Play whenever you desire as our servers are never offline,

Professional Staff

The staff team consists of dedicated individuals who are constantly working hard on improving the network.

Unique Experience

Using custom made plugins and infrastructure, we are able to provide an enjoyable and unique experience for all.

Cross Platforms

This exclusive feature enables player's with the bedrock edition of the game (PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, IOS, Android) to join our servers and play alongside Java players.

Litbyte Games Gamemodes

See below for modes currently on our network


Skyblock is a gamemode where you can play alonsgide friends in the ultimate competitive coop experience. The aim on goal on Skyblock is to have the highest Island value at the end of the season. The Islands with the highest values receive rewards that include Paypal cash. There are multiple different ways for you to venture between, to increase your Island's value. This includes mining, farming and competing in side minigames.


In KitPvP you can harness you combat skills in fast paced 1.8 pvp. Players can earn money and exp in order to level up and unlock new kits. Our KitPvP mode also includes Team Deathmatch which allows players to fight against each other in a 4v4s arena. This gamemode is constantly receiving updates and is our most ambitious project currently released till date.


On Survival you can play with your friends on a server based on the latest Minecraft update. Our Survival includes addons that helps to further expand on gameplay in order to make it more enjoyable for you and your friends.